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Corporate Windows Hosting 

Web Serve's Corporate Package is best suited for corporate and software companies who wish to harness the potential of Internet for selling and servicing. Moreover virtual admin is also possible by choosing the right platform of hosting. Corporate Package is best suited for corporate or group of companies that require bigger and more scalable web presence. Webserve Networks has bundled enhanced features such as personal control panel, live stats, sub domains etc. to suit your company's present and future hosting requirements.

Why Webserve Networks?
Nobody offers Master Control Panel and Domain Control Panel.
All the features in our control panel can be controlled online, whereas others offer manual setup only. Webserve Networks has developed a sophisticated Online Control Panel, where you can control parameters such as


Bullet FTP
Bullet Email
Bullet ODBC
Bullet Front Page Extensions Server
Bullet Password Protected URL
Bullet Take backup
Bullet Multi-admin facility
Bullet DNS
Bullet Web site status


All the above features can be controlled by you on click of a mouse button.

Online Control Panel 

Your Control Panel is designed in two-tier architecture


Bullet Master Control Panel

Bullet Domain Control Panel 

Master Control Panel 

The Master Control Panel will allow you to setup domain name on a click of a mouse button. Once the set up is done, your website will be live immediately.

You can also view,

Bullet List of domains parked in you Corporate Package
Bullet Status of Web server
Bullet FTP server

Bullet Mail server

You can create,
Back up of domain, mail settings done for all the domains parked in your Package

Domain Control Panel 
This control panel will allow you to configure parameters such as

Bullet FTP
Bullet Folder permissions
Bullet Emails
Bullet Auto responders
Bullet Front page extensions
Bullet Creating Application
Bullet Default page adding
Bullet Password protected URL
Bullet Domain, Email settings backup
Bullet Creating Multi Admin Users

What Do You Get?
You can host your domain and five sub-domains in your Corporate Package.

Bullet Five Free Sub Domains.
Bullet 200 MB of Windows 2003 disk space.
Bullet 25 POP-3 email IDs.
Bullet Unlimited Email Forwarders.
Bullet Web site hosted on Intel based Windows 2003 server.
Bullet Dedicated Netscreen Firewall [ Both software & hardware ]
Bullet Microsoft ASP 6.0.3790.0
Bullet Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
Bullet SSI 6.0.3790.0
Bullet Php 4.3.3 (cgi-fcgi)
Bullet MySql Database Support
Bullet Perl v5.8.0 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
Bullet Multi DSN [ODBC] Support.
Bullet Microsoft FrontPage
Bullet CGI , Server-parsed [ .shtml ]
Bullet JDK 1.4
Bullet MS XML Parser 4.01
Bullet SSL Support
Bullet Password Protected Url. [With Text as well as Database]
Bullet Default Page Settings.
Bullet Server Folder Permissions Setting.
Bullet Provision to create your own hosting packages
Bullet Settings back up facility for Domains & Email ID.
Bullet Multi Admin User Facility.
Bullet MS Access 2000 Support.
Bullet Start - Stop facility for any particular domain.
Bullet 24 Hrs. Server Status Details.
Bullet Have full control on all your clients' websites using our Master Control Panel.
Bullet Have control on individual web sites using Domain Control Panel.
Bullet 24 hrs. Online support 

Multiple Domains hosting

Your Corporate Package comes with multiple hosting facility. You will be able to host as many as Five Sub-domains in a single corporate Package. You can also create your own
sub domains.

Disk Space 

Your Corporate Package comes with 200 MB of disc space. You can host as many as five web sites in a single Corporate Package. You can split this space as you wish and allocate.


You will be able to configure 25 POP-3 emails in your Corporate Package.
Each email can be configured with Auto responders, Auto Forwarders. You can also create unlimited aliases.

Full CGI Support 

CGI programs developed in any programming language such as Visual Basic or Delphi can be used. 

ASP Support 

Your Corporate Package comes with Microsoft ASP 6.0.3790.0 and Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 support. All your websites will run in latest web server IIS 6.0.

Front Page Extensions

Front-page extension can be installed on your domain from your control panel itself.

Password Protected Folders

You can password protect areas of your website and authenticate users from a text file or any ODBC database. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by the server giving high security and a professional image to visitors.

Default Page Setting 

You can set up your own default home page for your domains.

ODBC Connectivity 

Your Corporate Package supports MS Access 2000 database. ODBC data sources can be created instantly on your control panel.

Server Folder Permissions 

You can assign folder permissions like read, write, script exe etc. for all the folders for your websites. You can also change settings for creating and deleting applications.

Back Up for Domain and Email Settings 

You can take back up of all your email and domain settings in your Corporate Package on click on of a mouse button. Old settings can be restored instantly.

Multi Admin User Facility 

Multi-users can administer your Corporate Package as well as individual domains simultaneously. For example: a company having different branches will have Webmaster at the corporate head office. For creating a new email ID every time the head office has to be contacted. Using multi admin user facility respective branches can handle their own operations without affecting the domain settings.

MS Access 2000 

MS Access 2000 is an easy to use, flexible database for handling data. It is one of the best-suited databases for web-based applications. Your Corporate Package comes with MS Access 2000 support FREE.

Start - Stop Facility 

Each web site in your Corporate Package can be started or stopped without affecting other sites. This will enable you to provide better service in case of trouble shooting hosting problems.

24 Hrs. Server Status 

You can view server status / web site status like get / send / file size etc.

Control Panel 

You will be allotted with a two-tier control panel. You can add - websites, mail server, dns in your Master Control Panel. 

Domain Control Panel can be used to configure parameters such as FTP, Email, DSN, Permissions, Back Up etc.

Server Details 

Bullet IBM xSeries Server
Bullet Dual 2.67 GHz Xeon Processor DP
Bullet 1 GB 266MHz DDR SDRAM ECC
  Bullet Three 18.2 GB Ultra 320 SCSI HD
  Bullet HW Raid 5i with DUAL Ultra320 SCSI
  Bullet 100 Mbps Ethernet


NetScreen Firewall 


Integrated security-optimized hardware, operating system, and firewall.

Bullet NetScreen's ScreenOS software is an ICSA certified stateful inspection firewall
Bullet Netscreen's ASIC accelerates encryption and authentication process.
  Bullet IPSEC VPN capabilities.



Bullet Our servers run with Mcafe Anti-Virus System.
Bullet Scanning is done both On - Access as well as On - Demand.


E-com Provisions 

Bullet Payment gateway "Pay Seal" integration.
Bullet Verisign Payflow Pro 3.0. [Payment gateway integration attracts additional charges].



Click here for our Terms & Conditions.

Pricing (per annum)


Web Serve Corporate Package

US$ 255 or Rs.11985 
Optional Features:


SSL US$ 159.55 or Rs.7499 


Personal DNS US$ 31.89 or Rs.1499